Cardinia Campus is located in the small town of Officer. It has developed quickly over the last 10 years, and includes a fine set of purpose built facilities.  

Learning programs at the Campus are designed to encourage a love of learning, while our teachers engage in on-going professional development that focuses on best practice.

Course delivery includes face to face teaching from dedicated and experienced teachers on-site, as well as via video conferencing with other campuses. This allows a broader range of elective subjects to be offered and provides enriching interaction with other students. With small class sizes, leaning support for needy students and enrichment for the talented, the campus is achieving excellent academic results.

We encourage student teamwork and provide students with leadership opportunities within the school. School and house captains are elected prior to the beginning of a school year, and SRC and class leaders are elected at the beginning of the school year. Teams include the student leadership team (Year 12 leaders), house teams, the SRC team and the class captains' team.

The school works closely with parents and the community to provide a culture of care and respect. We believe that as our students continue to grow and develop they need to become increasingly responsible for themselves and others. In this way students are as well prepared as possible for their own future.


P.O. Box 224 Campbellfield VIC 3061

Ph (03) 8199 8277


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