Career Advantage Program

Hit the ground running with our Career Advantage Program! 

The OneSchool Career Advantage Program

The new Career Advantage Program (CAP) provides all students with the opportunity to gain the skills and aptitude to achieve rapid success in their post-school careers.

The Career Advantage Program does this by:

1. Providing a selection of professional training courses that can be completed alongside

senior school studies.

2. Analysing the capability of each student professionally to ensure the student can effectively

complete the courses.

3. Offering real-life business experience through regular work placement within businesses.


What are the advantages for students?

• Improve your employment opportunities.

• Increase your capacity to earn a higher income on graduation.

• Make rapid progress along your career path.

What are the advantages for businesses?

• High value employees that are useful from day one.

• Employees with an established work ethic: self-starters, self-finishers, self-motivators.

• New employees that understand the value of study and training.

• Monthly progress reports from students during participation in the Career Advantage Program.

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P.O. Box 224 Campbellfield VIC 3061

Ph (03) 8199 8277


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