Case Study: Year 11 Work Placement - Calvin Moore

Part of any education is getting students ready for when they leave school and go out into the workforce.  Thinking you’re prepared is one thing, but having some practical experience under your belt is invaluable. This is why OneSchool champions the work placement program whereby Year 11 and 12 students are placed with a local business throughout the year, culminating in more than 330 hours of work experience for each individual.

“An Australian school-based apprenticeship and the career training program have played a key role at Glenvale School’s Melton campus,” says Melton Campus work placement co-ordinator Eddy Wu. “It involves more than 20 employers who offered exciting employment, training and career opportunities for Year 11 and 12 students.

Eddy believes that it’s not just the work that is a great experience for the students, but the other life skills it teaches them. The program gives the Year 11 and 12 students  some practical experience they need to understand the operations of a business – from basic accountancy methods through to human resources, knowledge management and occupational health and safety practices.  So far, these placements have been a resounding success. “Students have demonstrated outstanding employability skills, commitment and achievement in their workplace training,” says Eddy.

One person who was placed in the program was a Melton Campus Year 11 student Calvin Moore. Calvin spent time at Viking Food Solutions, a family-owned company that is a supplier of butcher shop and meat processing machinery.

What type of activities did Calvin become involved with during the experience?

“I got the chance to work in the factory including in dispatch, servicing, and production departments,” says Calvin.  “I also got the opportunity to work in marketing, which involved designing packaging concepts for products. On one occasion I got the chance to meet with a new potential customer on- site, giving me some real life experience of the importance of customer relationships.”

Overall, what was Cavlin’s impression of his time working for Viking Food Solutions?  “I have thoroughly enjoyed the work experience program,” he says. “[I] would urge all newcomers to the program, to take every opportunity they get and make the most of it.”

And the employer’s comments about Calvin’s time in the workforce?  “Feedback [about] Calvin has been very positive,” says Eddy. “[The] employer says that Calvin was punctual, well-dressed and respectful in Viking Food Solutions.”

Case Study: Year 11 Work Placement - Calvin Moore


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