Class sizes foster better learning environment

Friday 28th July, 2017


A newcomer to OneSchool , Fiona Harmer has been at Glenvale since February and when she started immediately noted something different from the other schools she has taught at over the past 18 years.

“The most enjoyable part about working at OneSchool is the small class sizes,” says Fiona. “Small class sizes allow one to build closer relationships with the students as well as foster teaching techniques, such as the learning to learn program being established within the OneSchool teaching community.”

Another aspect that differs is the consistency of values set out by OneSchool. Fiona has taught at private and public schools, both large and small. And even within the smaller schools there is a diversity of expectations. Not so with OneSchool.

“A couple of great things about working at OneSchool is the uniformity of the expectations from the school community, as well as the strong family values,” she says. “The parents are all involved and supportive of their child’s education. Having this involvement and support creates an environment where the students want to achieve well.  If I have any issues with a student, the matter has been quickly resolved and any consequences are supported by the parent.”

Like most teachers who start at OneSchool, VC has been fairly new to Fiona, but it has added an aspect to the way she teaches

“Teaching via the virtual classroom using Zoom has changed my approach to the presentation and development of my classes,” she says. “Planning and organising requires that I complete and double checked prior to delivery. Pre and post emails are essential to ensure all students have equal access to resources.”

Finally, there is the working environment and the staff.

“Working within the Oneschool team has been a fantastic opportunity,” she says. “The camaraderie and sense of inclusion by all the staff members is something that has been notably absent in many of the other schools I have taught at.”



Class sizes foster better learning environment


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