Great professional experiences available for teachers at OneSchool

Wednesday 16th August, 2017


There are a couple of common themes among teachers who work at OneSchool and have come from other teaching environments – Glenvale’s Hayley Tronson is no exception.

“I love coming to work every day because of the students,” she says. “Sometimes they frustrate me, but I know that everyday something will happen to make me laugh, make me feel “teacher-pride” and believe in the future. I also see that there is the potential for great professional experiences at OneSchool.”

These experiences include being able to interact with teachers and students from other campuses that are long distances from one another. This is possible because OneSchool embraces both SDL and virtual classroom (VC) teaching. This is something that Hayley had not experienced during her 12 year teaching career before coming to OneSchool and she is glad she has had the opportunity to utilise the school’s teaching methods and the opportunities it has given her.

“It has made me realise how much is possible,” she says. “I love having the chance to teach other students over VC, develop my skills and have the opportunity to have a positive impact on more students.”

Professional development is given lip service in some schools, not so with OneSchool as Hayley can attest.

“In March, I was privileged to attend that Leading Remarkable Learning Professional Development Conference in NZ. The PD focussed on meeting students’ needs for the future; it was inspirational and thought-provoking for anyone in education,” says Hayley. “Two speakers in particular, Sugata Mitra and Mark Osborne, made a huge impression on me. I have already used the SOLE teaching method, researched thoroughly by Sugata Mitra, in a number of areas of my teaching, as well as incorporating ideas from Mark Osborne’s presentation. It was also fantastic speaking with colleagues about their experiences in their schools – it was a wonderful reminder that we as teachers not only have a positive impact on our own students but we contribute to our community and the global community in this very privileged job.”

Having worked in the state system, how does she find working with the community and students at OneSchool compared with her previous experiences?

“One of the main differences is the opportunity to develop good relationships with the students, parents and whole community,” says Hayley. “I love this and this is what I was hoping to experience when I first went into teaching.”

 And the students? “They are teenagers,” she says with a smile. “They’re like working with any teenagers. However, I find it easier to develop more meaningful relationships with my students working in this community. I love coming to work every day knowing I’m spending time with them all.”

Great professional experiences available for teachers at OneSchool


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