Public Speaking Competition

Once again our students had the opportunity to showcase their supreme talent of speaking.

Gretel Hornsey, Jed Williams, Gemma Fowler and James Ford ripped through the crowd with their speaking prowess. They exuded intelligence, enthusiasm and feistiness. Everyone was full of praise for the gifted speakers.

The Competition was divided into 2 categories. The Prepared and Impromptu round. In the 1st round students presented a topic of their choice and for the impromptu round the students were given 4 minutes to prepare for a presentation of 2 minutes. The topic was ‘If I were to rule the world.’

I wish to congratulate the Year 12 students, Jackie Crick, Elise Bumpstead, Hughie Grace and Lachlan Andrews for stepping up and taking up the role of adjudicators.

I also would like to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate the very young but extremely brave, Connor Eagle and Devon Grace on their 1st ever impromptu speeches. We will definitely see more of them in the future.

Once again ‘Congratulations’ to everyone.

Mrs. G Nair



Public Speaking Competition


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