Zoom platform expands teaching universe

In 2017 Glenvale School has embarked upon an exciting new way of teaching using the ‘Zoom’ virtual classroom software platform.

Zoom will allow students to participate in classes presented by teachers from any campus, using their laptop computer, or the large-format screen systems already in place. The increased flexibility means that students can study in classrooms, or learning centres, without the need to be in a specific Video Conferencing (VC) room.

Glenvale trialled this new system during the ‘Early Start Program’ (ESP) in Victoria and it was highly successful. Both students and teachers were very positive about the experience.

There are three main reasons the system has been introduced:
1) Improving technology creating a much more realistic teaching environment.
2) Allowing larger class sizes in a real sense on screen creates a much better learning environment, in particular for those students on our smaller campuses.
3) The existing systems we had in place suffered from lag between video and audio, and this new technology decreases this significantly to the point where, through trials, there was no apparent lag at all, and students found it much better for communicating with teachers and fellow students in class.

Zoom platform expands teaching universe


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